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FAG electromechanical CAM phaser series
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Update date 2023-02-09 09:52
 Economical and dynamic: The CAM phasing system is the variable element of the valve mechanism, helping to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions. They optimize valve timing over a wide range of engine loads and speeds, thereby also improving power and driving pleasure. Belt and chain drive systems can be used to adjust two camshafts, two camshafts in sync, or two camshafts independent of each other. Schaeffler's electromechanical CAM phaser adjusts the camshaft faster and more precisely to suit the appropriate engine operating conditions. Its function is not affected by temperature and oil pressure, and the fastest response. With the help of electromechanical technology, the camshaft can be adjusted at speeds of up to 600 degrees of crank Angle per second.